This post provides access to all of the resources you will need to build a WiFi controller for LED light strips. I’ve written about the controller on social media and posted full build instructions at My goal with this post is to combine all of the resources into one list for easy access.

The subject of these articles is a Do-It-Yourself WiFi controller that can command two separate strips of SMD 5050 LED lights. The controller hardware, software, and all needed accessories are open source and available at github under a GPL license.

No matter where you are in the process of building your WiFi controller, you can find the information you need by picking an option below.

  1. Read about the WiFi Controller
  2. Find parts in the Bill of Materials
  3. Make your own Printed Circuit Board (PCB), or
    Order a PCB
  4. Assemble the electronics
  5. Load the Arduino code and connect to your WiFi network
  6. Wire the lights and power
  7. Secure the electronics
  8. Load and use the mobile app to control your lights

Make your choice from the list above.