make your own printed circuit board


If you have the ability to make your own Printed Circuit Board (PCB), all of the files and information you need to make the PCB for the custom WiFi LED light strip controller are below.

If you own a CNC router and don’t know how to create PCBs, read my detailed Instructable on the topic. I have not personally produced a custom PCB by any other means. You can check out this Instructable about how to make a PCB with reasonably benign chemicals, or do a search for “Custom PCB” at, and you will discover that there are a number of methods.

If you cannot produce your own PCB, or do not wish to do so, I have had a small number of boards commercially produced and they are available for sale here.

To make your own PCB, use the links below to download the gerber and excellon files. This is a two-sided PCB, but if you only have the ability to produce one-sided boards, you will only need to cut the bottom side. I will provide instructions for manually wiring the traces from the top side of the board in the electronics assembly instructions. Doing that is pretty simple, so it’s a good choice if producing a two-sided board is difficult for you.