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APPideas is a software development and consulting company that gets things done.


APPideas has been making great software for the web and mobile platforms since 2001 — long before you could use the word “app” in a normal conversation.¬†Our software is used to streamline and run some of the world’s largest corporations, and the mobile and web apps for which we have been responsible are used by millions of people every month.

Our specialty is the creation of custom tools and systems to fit your specific need. We also update and enhance legacy systems to get them to meet current business goals and to communicate with modern systems. Don’t be stuck with what you have. Make what you need!

At our core, we are DIY and Open Source enthusiasts who accomplish our goals and love to share what we know and learn. Quite frankly, we find pitching for new work to be quite boring, so most of this website is devoted to sharing our experience and the fun things we get to do.

If you’ve got an awesome project that you’d like to talk with us about, head over to the Contact page and get in touch.


We get to do a lot of fun things, and we love to show people how it’s done. Sometimes our writing has to do with projects we’re working on, but it’s usually about how we play around with technology.

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