privacy policy


Privacy is very important to us.

Generally speaking, we don’t collect any information from or about you. The use of cookies on our website is a byproduct of the underlying technologies. In some instances, we store statistical data for affiliate click-throughs, but that data includes no information that could possibly identify you to us or anyone else except the affiliate site (which is currently exclusively Amazon). If and when you make purchases from the affiliate, we never receive information that identifies you in any way.

Any services that require for you to login and identify yourself to our websites, tools and writing may reveal your identity to us and to users of the information. APPideas will never make information available to any third party that you have not made public yourself.

If you contact us in any way and provide information that identifies you to us, we will not intentionally make that information available to any third party unless you explicitly give us permission to do so.

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