This is a Bill of Materials for the Instructable I wrote about making your own WiFi controller for LED lights. Many items are optional, and they are listed in the order in which they appear. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.


Item Link
ESP8266-12E (2 pack)
ESP8266-12E (10 pack)
ESP8266-12E (5 pack)
5V voltage regulator
Voltage regulator heat sink
Screw down terminal blocks
N-channel MOSFETs
Soldering iron
Rosin paste flux
5-strand wire
12V 5A power supply
Copper clad PCB
Perf boards
Strip boards
Liquid electrical tape
Circuit board vise
Wire stripper
Hook and loop cable ties
Super glue
#4-1/2" wood screws
15 lb. outdoor double-sided tape
3D printer
LED light strip
Arduino nano
NRF24 transceiver
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