About a month ago, I wrote an article on Instructables.com that goes step-by-step through the process of creating a custom Printed Circuit Board (PCB) on a CNC router. The post was very popular, and it was selected as a finalist in the site’s Electronics Tips & Tricks Challenge.

Here is a link to the Instructable post, in case you missed it.

Among 148 entries, the Instructable that I wrote won second prize! I am very pleased to have been selected to receive this honor!

We have two more Instructables coming out soon. They are even cooler than the first, so be sure to check them out. Also remember to vote for them in the contests they’re in. I like winning things.

The next part shows how to build a WiFi controller for LED lights, and part three presents four signs I’ve built using custom PCBs and the WiFi controller. Links will be posted when those are live.

UPDATE: Part 2 is here. (Instructables link)

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