It’s time to fall in love with your time tracking app.

OK, it may sound silly, but we hate the tedium of time tracking so much that we have devoted a significant portion of our lives to making it easier. We are happy to report that, short of hiring a person to do time tracking for us, we think that we have come up with the perfect solution. Plus it gives us a good reason to buy another cool gadget.

We are proud to announce the awesomeness that is TimeLogger with Pebble smartwatch integration. TimeLogger is the first app that transforms your Pebble watch from a gadget into a tool. It’s the genesis of business-related apps available for Pebble watch owners. It is a perfect fusion of two technologies to accomplish a task that we all have to do… but most of us dread: tracking our time.

TimeLogger and TimeLogger Free version 2.4.0 are now available through the App Store

TimeLogger for Pebble version 2 is also now available here.

This new update to our popular time keeping app links to your Pebble smart watch, and greatly simplifies the task of tracking your time. Simply push a button on your watch to start a timer, then push another button to stop it. The TimeLogger watch app also includes a watch face with information about your running timers so that you don’t have to switch between the TimeLogger app and your watch faces while you are working. Additional options are available to select categories, clients and jobs from your watch, as well as being able to pause and resume timers and select options for multiple timers if you have more than one running.

It’s a full-featured TimeLogger remote control right on your wrist!

We thought that this was a great idea when it only existed in our heads, but getting to actually use it has made us fall in love. Seriously. Time tracking could not get any easier. This is the perfect marriage of two very cool gadgets to make our lives easier.

Everyone who owns TimeLogger or TimeLogger Free can get this update for free today. If you don’t own TimeLogger, get it now and the Pebble watch app is free. Not sure you want to commit to purchasing TimeLogger? No problem, get TimeLogger Free from the App Store. It has all of the features of TimeLogger with a few minor, but not crippling or annoying differences.

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