Over the past few months, I’ve been working on a series of articles to publish on Instructables.com. The first went step-by-step through the process of making a custom Printed Circuit Board using a CNC router (Instructables link). The second article shows you how to make your own WiFi controller for LED lights.

The WiFi controller is built on Open Source hardware, and I have released the software under an Open Source license. The first part of the software is installed on the WiFi controller, and it enables the controller to connect to your network and accept commands from an app or web browser to change the state of LED lights (change the color and brightness). The second part is a cross-platform mobile app, written in React Native, that operates the functions of the controller. The app is how you control your lights.

The source code is available now at github (Link).

Apps for mobile devices are available on the appropriate app store. (Google Play Store link for Android) (Apple App Store link for iOS)

Check out the app doing its thing

The article that details how to build the WiFi controller is written and ready to go – I’m just waiting for Instructables to announce their November contests before I publish. The app won’t be terribly useful to you without the hardware, so keep watching for the announcement of the article’s publication.

Coming soon… I’m wrapping up my Instructables series by showing how I built four backlit signs. The signs can be seen in the videos above, and the full article will be available in November.

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