Nearly two years ago, our forums were taken over by spammers, and the capabilities of our content management system left us with no reasonable choice but to shut down the discussion.

We’ve got a new system that promises to do better with handling spam, and we believe strongly in the power, unity and importance of community, so we have launched our discussion forums again. We have also reopened comments on blog articles. A really awesome bonus is that you don’t have to register for an account to join the discussion. Just click any of the social media icons in the “Login” section at the bottom of the page, login and get typing.

We have sincerely missed the public dialog that we used to have with our customers, and we are very happy to have it back again.

As long as the system is new, you may hear some crickets chirping over in our forums, and we encourage you to get the ball rolling and start a discussion.

Click here to go to the forums

And happy typing!

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