what we do

When you’ve been at it as long as we have, you get a chance to work with some pretty amazing companies, people and technology.

We write custom apps for the web and mobile platforms for in-house products and for our contract clients.

We’ve also had a chance to evolve with modern technology in ways we never expected. For example, we have been advocates of Open Source software for a long time, but recent changes in 3D printing and Open Source hardware have made it so that we are able to develop hardware and software that interacts with the physical world in ways that used to be prohibitively expensive or difficult to produce.

Our apps exist to improve workflow, to give businesses tools they need but do not have, and to make businesses run better. We are all about making the exact product you want and need for your business to run at its highest potential.

We have developed apps for small companies like Dutch Bros and we have developed very large apps for huge corporations like Mitsubishi, LG and Panasonic.

If you have any questions or want to find out what we can do for your business, feel free to use our contact page, located here

Keep reading below for examples of the work we’ve done.


web-based apps

Most of our web-based apps are written in PHP or Java and have a database backend. We have built many custom WordPress plugins for our clients, and utilize the mechanisms of http and web browser communications to facilitate fully-functional RESTful API solutions.

We are responsible for the Customer Management System used by LG Electronics America and the instant rebate processing tools used by Panasonic.

The web-based products we build are sometimes a single part of a larger overall product. They always lead to new customers or improved daily workflow – often times both.

mobile apps

Our first mobile app was written for Mitsubishi in 2003. That was quite a few years before mobile app development was a thing people did.

Since then, we have written native apps for iOS, Android, Windows CE and Blackberry, as well as cross-platform apps with Codename One and React Native.

Our team is responsible for a very popular app platform that powers more than 2,000 apps that are currently live in the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store. Those apps have millions of users every month.


Our custom hardware was born out of curiosity, newly-attainable technology and the desire to step into the next big arena of custom development – products based on Open Source hardware.

Our hardware solutions employ CNC routers and 3D printers to create highly custom components that do exactly what is needed.

We have created sensor and monitoring networks, motors and actuators, security systems and lighting modules. With recent advances in Open Source hardware, the only limit to what can be done is your imagination.