APP(ideas) has been around since 2001 — long before the word “APP” was cool.

Our office is in the amazing Rogue Valley of Southern Oregon, USA. Our founder, Chris Ostmo, was among the first professional PHP developers on earth, and has been a pioneer in iOS and mobile app development.

At our core, we are DIY and Open Source enthusiasts who get things done and love to share what we know and learn. When we’re not knee-deep in a client project, tinkering with electronics, or learning a new programming language, we can usually be found playing outside. That typically means skiing and snowboarding in the Winter, and mountain biking and hiking the rest of the year.

This site is devoted to providing information about our products and our passions.

We usually post new and noteworthy information to our blog first. Be sure to check it out if that’s why you’re here.

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