What is TimeLogger?

TimeLogger is the iPhone/iPod Touch tool that you need if you must account for the time that you spend. Simply put, TimeLogger is the easiest to use time tracking tool available for the iPhone, and it also happens to be the only business/productivity app available for the Pebble smartwatch.  Once you have started a timer, you can close the program, continue your work, and come back later to stop the timer.  Recording your work category, client, job, notes and breaks is quick and simple, as is exporting all of that information into Excel (or spreadsheet program of your choice).  TimeLogger has too many features and capabilities to explain easily in a quick summary.  That is why MacWorld Magazine named TimeLogger the “Best Time Tracker” saying, “TimeLogger impressed me at once with its user friendliness… A solid app for self-employed professionals who value their time and money.” To figure out what TimeLogger can do for you, check out the information below.  You can also visit our Contact page to ask us any questions. Our complete user guide and more details are below.

Statistically speaking, we can prove that TimeLogger is awesome.

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Our comprehensive User Guide is available in PDF format below:

Click here to download the guide now (3.5 MB)

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