bill of materials


This is the bill of materials for the APPideas WiFi controller for LED light strips. You will not need every part on this list. For example, if you order a Printed Circuit Board, you will not need to order copper-clad PCB for making your own. Check the build instructions that apply to you for details of the parts you will need. Also keep in mind that I order parts in semi-bulk for cost savings, and I provide links to parts that I personally order. Feel free to shop around to save a few dollars if you are only making one controller. There are also parts that you probably already have. The quantities below indicate the requirement for a full build of the hardware.


Qty Part Link Notes
1 NodeMCU ESP8266-12E development board amazon
1 5V voltage regulator amazon
1 Voltage regulator heat sync amazon
2 Capacitors amazon You will need (1) 100µf and (1) 10µf
2 5 pole 3.5mm pitch screw-down terminal blocks ebay
1 2 pole 5mm pitch screw-down terminal block amazon
8 N channel MOSFETs amazon
1 Soldering iron amazon
some Solder amazon
some Rosin paste flux amazon Optional
1 5-strand wire amazon
1 12V 5A power supply amazon Usually supplied with light strips
1 WiFi Controller Printed Circuit Board appideas shop If you aren’t making your own
1 Copper-clad PCB amazon If you are making your own PCB (option 1)
1 Perf board amazon If you are making your own PCB (option 2)
1 Strip board amazon If you are making your own PCB (option 3)
some Liquid electrical tape amazon Optional
1 Circuit board vise amazon Optional
1 Wire stripper amazon Optional
few Hook and loop cable ties or zip ties amazon Optional
1 LED light strip amazon
some Super glue amazon Optional
7 #4-1/2″ wood screws amazon Optional