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    What has happen to TimeLogger? For some reason with iOS 9 I am unable to email reports. Likewise it is no longer available in the US APP store. I emailed support but have not received any communication from support.

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    Same here; when trying to send (weekly) reports, the app just crashed.

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    Barry Heap

    Same here,

    Try to email or csv file, locks up.

    And it’s also disappeared from the Australian App store…

    And I have 4 years of data locked up in it with all my annual leave days that I was logging to make sure my forgetful boss didn’t short me.

    Now what am I going to do?

    Support not answering.

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    Les Edwards

    Yep, same here. I can no longer email the CSV file, which is the only way to backup my data, and the only way to easily compile everything for billing my clients. Since TimeLogger is no longer listed on the iTunes app store, I assume APPideas has gone out of business. RIP. It was a great program. Anyone have any ideas for a substitute?

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    Same problem for me. Here is a workaround that worked for me…

    In the iTunes App section of the device there is a File Sharing segment. The file will be located there and you can drag it to your desktop.

    Here is the procedure:
    1. Go to TimeLogger
    2. Select Time Entries
    3. Select Options and choose appropriate dates
    4. Select Done
    5. Select CSV
    6. When TimeLogger quits, connect iPhone/iPad to computer
    7. Open iTunes
    8. Select iPhone/iPad
    9. Allow to sync (not sure if this is necessary)
    10. Select Apps in settings menu (on left side)
    11. Scroll down to File Sharing
    12. Select TimeLogger
    13. In the Documents section you should see a .csv file
    14. Drag the .csv file to desktop or other folder

    Hope this helps.

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      FYI, step 9 shouldn’t be necessary.

      But thank you for taking the time to share this process. It is really appreciated!

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    Bruce Balestier

    I could really use some support on just making this to be able to email. 🙁

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    Kimbol Soques

    Thanks, katoray, for the workaround — this will keep me afloat for a while!
    And no, syncing is not necessary — the CSV file appears in its most updated form in the File Sharing window. I tested it!

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    Hello everyone,

    I sincerely apologize for the problems you have been having.

    We have been having a very difficult time getting an update that fixes this issue submitted to Apple for approval. The final issue that we have been dealing with for the past couple of weeks is related to Pebble watch support, and we have had to make the unfortunate decision to discontinue Pebble watch features. Pebble simply isn’t supporting app developers enough to make it worth this much trouble.

    We have finally gotten a version submitted to Apple for iOS 9 that resolves the issue of not being able to deliver CSV files, and we are reasonably confident that the update will be available any day now.

    It is important to know that none of the data you have been keeping while this problem has gone on will be lost.

    We truly appreciate your patience and support!

    P.S. We are also working on a major update to TimeLogger that will give you a much nicer User Interface and willhave a native iPad interface. Whether you bought TimeLogger yesterday or 7 years ago, the update will be free, so be on the lookout.

    Thank you!

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    Jared O’Connor

    Just wondering where has just the standard email feature has gone from the Time Entires screen as sending via .csv doesnt work with how we use timelogger? Is it coming back any time soon?

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    Nigel Dean

    Hi any news on this problem. I still can not transfer my data which I need urgently to send out invoices.


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      Angel Lily

      Same problem here.
      best regards

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